You are here because:                                

  • you want to play the songs you love
  • you have practised for years but you still cannot play your songs
  • you don’t have the time to go to lessons 

We are offering:                         

  • to help you choose a piano and to teach you to play your piano               
  • expert guidance through the patterns on the piano
  • an affordable way to unlock your inner musician



Choose your piano or keyboard

                               Watch the videos

                                                       Select your song and

                                                                      Practise, practise, practise


  1. Jada P

    Wow Joy, this is really great! I have a sister who could really benefit from this and I may have to recommend you to her. She’s just getting started on her music career. I feel like this website could help tons of people. I also agree with you on the idea that listening to music really helps you to learn better.

    1. Joy

      Thank you for your comments Jada. I am setting it up because so many people wish they had continued music lessons. I will be adding many new features so please stay tuned. Best wishes.

  2. Leslie

    I have a keyboard sitting in my spare bedroom. I tried to teach myself a few years back and would love to try again I look forward to seeing what I can do with your site! My husband plays guitar and I would like to be able to join him in making some music.

    1. Joy

      Hi Leslie, thank you for your comments. I know you would love to be able to play your keyboard, that’s why you bought it. Coming soon, I will be posting instructions guided by videos, and all you will need to do is follow along and practice. Best wishes

  3. Barb

    Hi, Joy!

    This is great. I’m a singer and I’ve always wanted to play the piano and sing, but it just seems so complicated. It looks like your method is really easy to learn. How does it work exactly? Do we make an appointment and come in somewhere for a lesson or is it all done online?

    1. Joy

      Hi Barb, I intend to instruct using videos posted online. I would teach some basic about chords and then work with some simple well-known songs to show how it works. You would then be able to apply the principles to your songs. Isn’t that great ! I am in the process of setting up the website so stay tuned for more information. Thank you for your comments.


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