About me

Helping you to learn the songs you love

Hi. My name is Joy, affectionately called JJ, and I am here to start you on an exciting musical journey. 

In my high school years I learned to play classical piano. After college, I got a fairly interesting job in administration at an insurance company  while music became my hobby. I played my piano, studied clarinet, organ in different styles such as jazz, Latin American forms, and all the different pop forms and enjoyed it all. After a number of years I left that job and went full time into music. I have done choral projects, online music services, and performances with my band for big and small events, along with a regular program of teaching piano to children and adults. Every year September to December I appear as a judge on the television series ALL TOGETHER SING, a choral competition.

My offer to you

hands on pianoMost music programs require that you spend years learning the techniques. The problem is that you know the techniques but you are not able to apply them to the songs your really want play.

This program that I am offering is unique in that you will not be spending several years learning all these techniques in order to enjoy your music. Rather we will study chords and melodic riffs, so that , in a short while, you will be able to sing and play as your heart desires.

How will you learn ?

Because I understand the patience and the repetition that are needed, I deliver the lessons in instructional videos, where we take everything really slow.

I have always wanted to find a way to reach you music lovers and I am glad to have found a platform, where I can operate a business helping you to make your own music.

The program contains many interesting tips and tricks in different categories listed here under ‘piano talk’. There will be opportunities for feedback, Q&A, and interaction with others with similar goals. I designed this program because my greatest fulfilment is to share the skill and observe the satisfaction it brings to others.

Thank you for stopping by. Please contact me at mypianohobby@gmail.com for any further information.


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