Be a musician for life

There are so many people who love music, have this deep desire to express it, but place it on the back burner because when they consider survival, they could never see themselves as ‘a musician for life’.

What was a musician?

For centuries, musicians were performers who operated as players of instruments and singers of songs.They spent long hours trying to entertain people, or accompanying performers and their financial benefit was determined by the whims and fancies of those who hired them. There also were composers who spent endless nights writing notes on a music score as that would have been the only record of their composition.

What is a musician?

With innovation in recording methods, the LPs, then the cassettes, the CD’s, and the mp3 and other formats, doors of opportunities opened up for lovers and performers of music. They are able, not only to share their music live, in real time, but also to have that music recorded, sold, streamed, licensed for profit. There are many ways to earn from the occupation called ‘musician’ without having to stand in front of an audience.

There are so many supporting services that require the input of musicans. There is employment available for accompanists on stage and in studios. There are audio and video engineers. There are arrangers and composers who can share tracks online and come up with recordings without ever having met each other. They can also have their music placed in ads and movies for a good income.

Technology now facilitates scoring and publishing your own music using the lastest software.

Can you work as a musician for life ? 

The answer is a resounding yes. You can decide to work as a musician, doing what you  love, and earning a sizeable income. There are online platforms that provide online freelancing. This means that even if you are a lawyer or mechanic, you can be engaged in providing music services. You can decide which area of music you want to pursue and enrol  in online courses in playing instruments as a practical effort, or get certification and degrees in music courses at college level.

You are the musician 

Whether you pursue the art full- time, or part-time as a music professional or as a hobby, if you have this deep desire for musical expression, maybe it is time to launch out into this field and bring out your inner musician. The world supports it.

Are you ready ?


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