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Why does someone sing in a group ?

There are people in this world who just love to sing. Choir timeThere are those who sing alone, as solos, and others who love the energy and excitement of group singing. You might think that it would be harder to sing with a choir or quartet, for example, but there are so many other benefits for each singer and for the company of performers, as a whole.

The sound, and style

The sound coming from a community singing group or a church choir or a small pop group is that of multiple voices rather than a single solo voice. Take a peek at the Temptations here. There are a variety of interesting ways of musical expression that a group can use:

  • Unison, in which everyone sings the same melody
  • Harmony, in which the melody is sung by one set of voices and the others provide support to give the song some ‘colour’ and interest. These can be divided into high and low female voices, and high and low male voices known as Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, respectively. The voice you sing is usually determined by audition.
  • Solo and back-up, in which a soloist sings the melody, and the rest of the performers support with harmony together or in dialogue.

Knowing what to sing

choir song

Every group of singers has to be led by a musical director with experience in separating vocal parts, ear training, vocal training and reading music sheets, if necessary. Most importantly, they need to be experts in detecting incorrect pitch and timing. The director trains by way of a musical arrangement, either his/her original arrangement, or of one published and purchased through music sheet websites and chooses accompaniment in rehearsals and performance.

What is an arrangement?

This is a creative way of delivering a song based on a given melody. It is all that goes on in the song. Examples of this are:

  • The musical director may choose to have the group start in one key and repeat that section in a different key
  • A song might start in harmony, and for renewed interest, have everyone sing in unison for a section, or a verse
  • A deviation from the regular rhythm, with a passage of a different and interesting bridge before returning to the song
  • A lyrical deviation, where, instead of singing words on and on, a short passage with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ are used
  • An instrumental interlude. It can be beautiful to have a break from voices at some well chosen point in the song

Arrangement of a song, by using these and other considerations, raises the quality of expression, its content and its impact to an amazing new level.

Benefits of group singing

  • In a church, it enhances the worship experience and gives a feeling of ‘oneness’and ‘devotion’
  • In all groups it gives power and motivation through messages of love, hope and achievement
  • It is a social outlet. After years of singing together, many members become friendssinging group
  • It enables development. People become better singers because in a group they become more aware of pitch, rhythm,  dynamics and contrast.
  • It teaches tolerance. Members of a small group (trio, quartet etc) or a large choir have to practice patience through rehearsals, and make allowances for the differences in ability
  • It enhances bonding within family and  between friends in informal settings

Remember those days ?

I am sure that every now and then your mind flips back to those days when you performed with your school choirs, or sang back -up in a band. Just the vibration of singing with others made you so happy, that you coud not wait to get to the next rehearsal. Maybe you never sang in a formally directed group but you recall that, along with your friends, you got so much delight in singing some songs under the tree or in a backyard and laughed about it all.

What now?

friendsSo were you ever a member of a singing group ? Would you like to sing with others now? Maybe it is time to stop reminiscing and bring back the pleasure, the contentment, the joy and the gratification of all that group singing offers.

Make a promise to yourself to start again.

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  1. Chris

    I’ve always really liked the idea of group singing but I’ve mostly been held back by the lack of confidence in my voice – I’ve never felt as if it was strong enough or I had the ability to keep in key properly. 

    Does this really matter in a group singing environment? Will they mind or will they be happy overall to carry me and cover my ‘flat notes’?

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Chris, the wonderful thing about group singing is that whatever the level of your singing skills, you will improve. You learn correct pitch, correct timing and because it is a group, the patience and skills of the others will improve your own skills. Don’t believe me, join a group and bring out your inner musician. I guarantee you will become a happy man. Thanks for your comments !

  2. Nicole Stiles

    My favorite group to listen to is Pentatonix. They really know how to utilize each of their gifts to make a wonderful sound. I think group singing is also great for beginners. Having a musical director is a great resource to learn proper singing techniques. And singing with friends just makes it more fun!

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Oh yes Nicole. Pentatonix is a favourite group of mine as well. You are right. With guidance from a director, group singing tends to bring out the best in many people who, before that, thought they could not sing. Yes indeed.There is so much joy in singing with a formal group as well as with friends. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Mary Ann

    Growing up I was in Glee clubs and played some small instruments and tried to sing. I have always been truly shy about singing in a group or even on my own. That whole lack of confidence thing and what if I sound absolutely terrible. I would get intimidated by people who could actually sing! I think it is a great idea but unfortunately for me, I think those days are behind me. I did do karaoke once or twice but not sure where I got the nerve from. 

    I always did want to learn to play the piano though – maybe it’s not too late for that!

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Mary Ann, group singing is one of the best ways to learn more about singing and actually improve your singing. Over time in a group you learn about pitch and resonance and rhythm and all the elements that make you a good singer. Everyone in the group is learning and the patience of members helps you to improve bit by bit. Forget about being ‘shy’. Start by singing around the house on your own. Walk in the park and sing. It is not too late to bring out your inner musician and discover the joy coming from within you. Sing . Sing. Sing.   Thank you for your comments.

  4. Rob S.

    I love piano music as I am listening to it right now. It’s so soothing and relaxing and calms me down.

    I also love Pentatonix. They are awesome! It’s just something that brightens my day.

    And I absolutely love listening to group singing and choirs too. I would love to be in a singing group but I know I can’t sing so.

    Music is one of my favorite things along with watching and hearing someone or a group harmonizing and singing together.Do you think I could ever take singing lessons? Do they offer them?

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Rob, the opportunities are out there for any one who loves to sing. I have trained many choirs over the years and I remember many people who joined and could hardly turn a few notes correctly. Regular rehearsals and patience helped bring out the musician in them. Since you love it, why not do a few lessons or just join a community singing group or church choir? You will be glad you did. Discover the joy of music coming from within you. It’s the best gift you could give yourself. Thanks for your comments.


  5. Cinderella

    I love singing, but maybe my singing could have been better had known and understand all these components, from understanding the difference between unison and harmony, I used to sing suprano at Sunday School but also sung solo in Church when my parents joined the Baptists.  But I gave up singing when I was 18.

    I am still a worshiper and I love music it’s one of my passions,  but like you have said, time to start singing again.  Thank you!  Wonderful article.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Cinderella, it is never too late to understand the different features in music, and to experience them by joining a group. It might not be a formal group but it can be a group of friends who go on a trip and sing along. Music really inspires the singer and the people listening. It also has a profound healing effect on minds. Thank you for your comments. Best wishes !!!

  6. Anusuya

    I am not singer by any means but music is possibly the biggest way of my relaxation. A great performance is the result of a lot of hard work behind the scene.

    I enjoyed the most in this blog-Th benefits of singing together. I had never imagined or analyzed the huge benefit you get personally and helping the universe. The vibration the group singing generates connect the world of listeners healing the body and mind from experience listening music almost everyday. 

    You remember your friend singing along with you, you enhance your skill learning from others, you cure peoples mind sometimes with your music and much more.

    The blog created some sensation of trying the lessons. It is nice blog which should reach the people to enjoy and get benefit from. 

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Anusuya, Yes the joy comes from, not only learning the music and performing but the interaction. Maybe you are not involved in singing now, but one day you might just find a group that holds your interest. Thank you for your comments. Best wishes.


  7. Shy

    I’m really not much of a singer myself, but both my daughters love to sing.  They have sung in groups at school and in the malls.  It is awesome to listen to group singing.  It sounds very harmonic, and beautiful.  I love how the group gets together, they each help each other and they become better overall.I would not like to sing with others now, but would enjoy listening to others sing.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Yes. Even if you are not involved in singing, you can observe how exciting it is for the members of a singing group. The joy comes from learning songs and also from interacting with others who share the love of music. Keep supporting your daughters. Thank you for your comments.


  8. Alisha

    I do remember singing in choir during my middle and high school years. I remember the exact excitement you are talking about especially when it was time to perform in front of an audience. I guess I had forgotten how much joy it brings me even to see group singers and how effortlessly their voices flow together. Where do you suggest looking for groups or places involved in group singing?

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Alisha, a church choir is a good place to start. They meet regularly and they perform songs with a religious theme. If you don’t want to be in a church choir, check out the community choirs in your area. There are many that meet and sing because they enjoy singing pop songs, love songs, world music and a variety of interesting numbers. They might also perform at events around your city and charity events. Best wishes. Thanks for your comments.

  9. Nate MC

    I always enjoyed watching choirs and groups sing. I never thought much about the benefits of singing in a group, but the ones you mentioned make a lot of sense! I can definitely see how it increases a bond between others and how it’s a social outlet. I’ve never belonged to a choir or any kind of singing group, but I think if someone gets the chance, they definitely should!

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Nate, maybe if you joined up with a singing group you might just surprise yourself at how good you are. Thank you for your comments.


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