Inspiration and worship on piano

The value of music in worship

The worship experience can be wide and varied as there there are so many denominations. All over the world people of similar beliefs gather together in expressions of reverence in different forms. The spoken word, the contemplation, the silence, the prayers, reading of the scriptures are included in the program and music has a major role in worship.

Music is included as :

Music serves to express the moods and might even be more powerful than the spoken word in that, the use of melodies in repetition reminds us of lessons of truth and reinforces them.

The value of worship songs outside of worship

As congregants will tell you, they can name songs that hold special meaning for them and tend to linger with them even long after the worship service. They are special because they still carry a worthwhile message that continues to inspire them every time they sing or even just remember a few of the words.

SingingEnjoy them even more

Most people have a worship experience with others once per week. They will, not only hear songs during the worship experience, but also find ways to remember them for the rest of the week. In the shower, along the trail, in the park, the songs keep coming back. They can sing or hum them in their daily meditation, and sing them for their own enjoyment in their free time.

Value of being able to play them

These are not just songs of stories. These are songs that describe the truths they learn and continue to learn. These are songs about truth, loving your neighbour, the power of God, faith and assurance that keep you calm and balanced. There is much value in learning to play them.

How to play them

Some worship songs are written as hymns. These would need to be played by persons who can read music notes and are good at sight reading. play at sightThey would also have to be able to play in keys they can manage, and at a pitch they can sing along. Modern worship offers many songs that do not require sight reading, but a knowledge of chords that accompany the songs. my lead sheetIn each bar you would only need to play one or two chords and this, of course is much easier for the non- professional. A chord at the beginning of the bar and another after about two beats would suffice. The words can be written out and the chords placed above the words exactly where they should occur. There are many websites that provide this format.

But there are so many songs !

You can start by studying the chords and progressions invovled in two songs that you like and master those two. Play, sing and enjoy your songs and choruses. In a year you would have learned a minimum of 8 songs. Can you imagine how many you could learn over 3 years?

In those moments

Think of all the value your muscial skills would add to your daily meditation, if you could play some of these worship songs that mean so much to you. Playing piano would not only be an exercise in practicing piano, but also another worship experience.

Are you ready to start playing piano for inspiration?



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  1. Michel

    It always feels like there is something missing if you go to a church service and there isn’t singing, or in some cases one uninspirational song is sung that no one really knows, so it sounds horribly out of tune and everyone just wants it to end.

    There are so many wonderful songs that churches can add to their collection of worship songs, and some go to more trouble than others.

    The real challenge for most churches though is finding people to play the piano or organ as these are both difficult instruments to play and take years to master. 

    I as a ballet teacher also battle to find good pianists for my classes, and it seems like the youngsters of today often give up their music in pursuit of other more exciting things.

    Thanks for this lovely website to encourage the love of music to many.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Michel, as a church musician I know exactly what you are talking about. Finding  competent musicians for worship is a big challenge. As you say, music is an essential part of the worship experience and accompaniment has to be correct and inspiring. Thank you for comments. Best wishes !!!!

  2. Barry

    Hello there. Thank you for sharing Inspiration and worship on piano. Music can be such an amazing way to get hold of the lost. It has a way of reviving and drawing men closer to God. It is a food for the spirit.

    I love worship so much. I have some songs I have written too. I just can’t wait to be good at the piano; it will be one of my dreams come through. #Inspirational.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Barry, I encourage you to start by playing some simple songs that mean a lot to you. Then you can gradually add the more challenging. Let the worship experience you had at church  come alive to you in your own private worship experience.  Ask for  help to bring your original songs to inspire the world by either recording or scoring on music sheet. Thanks for your comments. Best wishes !!!!

  3. Denis

    Wow, what an inspirational post!  I totally agree with your statement “Music serves to express the moods and might even be more powerful than the spoken word”.  I don’t own a piano, but I have an electronic keyboard that serves me well when I want to use it as a piano.  I practice daily and my music sessions are mostly just that, music! However, after reading your blog post, I will definitely try and incorporate some “signing” into my sessions and try to make it a more spiritual experience.  Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Yes Denis, singing the songs you love while you play is even more inspiring and energizing. Music speaks to us in so many beautiful ways. Thank you for your comments. Best wishes !

  4. Samson Oklobia

    I love hymns and worship songs. There’s just this upliftment that comes from a worship session when done right with the right instruments as well as vocals. I do not play the piano much tho, but i understand the basics of chord and progression in music and i pray to have more time to improve on this skill i learnt ages ago. I literally look forward to every opportunity to gather and worship and i appreciate you for taking out time to write this beautiful piece about worship on the piano. Cheers

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Samson, A lot of the modern worship songs just need an understanding of the chords and their progression. Some are very simple and use only 3 or 4 chords. Challenge yourself to play the chords for one simple song and sing along. It makes an enhanced worship experience for you. Thank you for your comments. best wishes !!!!

  5. Paul

    I love the choir at my church and they always sound amazing when the music begins. I love the way it makes me feel – so calm, relaxed but excited to hear the music play and the voices sing loud and clear. I love all kinds of music but worship music hold a special place for me, I just wish I could learn more songs on the piano! lol thanks for sharing this incredible post.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Paul, music is an essential part of worship as it provides the right atmosphere. You can buy music books online that show you how to play your favourite worship songs. They range from very easy to advanced. Why not give it a try ! Thanks for your comments.

  6. Nimrodngy

    Thanks a lot for such an amazing content. I started taking piano lessons 6 months ago and I really like it. Music has always been my passion, maybe because not having a very good voice, I chose to play on this instrument. I really love worship songs. I was thinking about organizing an event and inviting a few friends.
    But I’m afraid of public exposure. My wife says I have some really good songs and I have to try.
    Can you help me with a tip on this? Does the public have a great impact on a pianist?

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Many people can play well in the privacy of their home but get very uncomfortable with an audience. The fact that your audience of one (your wife) is enjoying your music, it means that there is hope and all you need is to practice. So play for a small group any time you get the chance and increase the numbers of family and friends. It gets easier with experience and you will feel fulfilled as a performing musician. Thanks for your comments.

  7. Johnny2Toes

    What a wonderful article. When I was a child, the only music in our church was an organ and a choir. The music was provided at certain times during the service and in an almost regimented way. As I grew older, and started looking for an answer to the spiritual questions I had, I went to various churches. What I experienced was music, music, music. I found that this wonderful music surrounded me and brought to life the written and spoken word in a whole new way.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Yes Johnny. Music is an essential element of worship. Through the poetry and the melodies, the message is enhanced and cemented. A person who learns to play can use this skill in their private worship exercises. Thanks for your comments.

  8. JealousLi

    For those music enthusiasts, enjoying a wonderful piano performance is like watching a feast. They can feel the voice of the author or player. Unfortunately, I don’t understand music. I think it sounds good only for its rhythm or lyrics. I need to learn more about music.
    Thanks for your sharing.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi jealousLi. Everyone has music within them. Learning to play brings out that music. If you learn to play especially in a group you will discover your own bliss and enjoy your music even more. Thanks for your comments.


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