Roland 300NX for great sounds


If you are, or intend to become advanced in piano playing, then Roland 300NX would be a great investment. This is a digital stage piano weighing 38 pounds and comes with many desirable features offering easy touch-button access, convenient for live performances.


This piano has 88 weighted keys and the superb touch and dynamic response action makes it a favourite for musicians. It has 200 on board patterns and several voices in electric pianos, acoustic pianos, organs and other instruments. There are so many options to work with, including the split left and right feature, and the layered mode where sounds are played together (for example piano + strings).

It also offers great effects such as chorus, EQ, reverb, and compressions that can easily be adjusted on the top of the piano. Listen and enjoy !! 


It comes with a Roland sustain pedal, left and right ‘out’ connections via cable, an AC adapter, but requires a monitor, powered speakers or headphones for you to hear what you are playing. A bench and dust cover and a stand for music books would have to be purchased separately.

Special feature

The 300NX has becomes popular mainly because of its Sound Focus and supernatural sound engine that cause it to stand out in any mix.

This is a great piano for anyone ranging from the learner at home to the stage performer. The beautiful, clear sounds and the action will encourage anyone to spend hours creating, arranging and enjoying their own musical expressions.


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