Singers ! Learn to play piano

Many people are comfortable in their singing career, but have never explored the activity of learning to play piano.

Singers, why don’t you learn piano ?

  1. You probably are doing well as a singer, and already have your own accompanists.
  2. You can’t see yourself spending long hours practising all your songs
  3. You can always sing your songs with ready-made tracks.
  4. You already know your songs

What is missing?

You have spent so much time writing your singer/songwriter songs. You hear songs by well known artists and wish you could perform them. Are you wondering what would be the advantage in learning to play ?

Watch this short video !!!

What are the advantages ?

  1. You will be learning the notes in your songs, and will be able to ensure accuracy with the pitch.
  2. You will be able to teach yourself the songs, and rehearse yourself.
  3. You will learn the chords that are used in your songs.
  4. Knowing your chords will give you an appreciation of the harmony in your head.
  5. You will be able to accompany yourself.
  6. Since you are the performer, you can slow down the song where you want, and speed up where you want.
  7. You can express the feel of a song by holding a note longer, for special effect
  8. Spontaneity in performance is available.

There are so many well-known performers who play while they sing. A favourite performer over the years is Stevie Wonder who leads by his own piano accompaniment. Who can forget the deep emotional performance of Elton John at the funeral of Princess Diana or the many performances of Roberta Flack  with her soft piano movements, and her accompanists adding to the sweetness of Killing me softly.

If you play piano as a hobby, you can accompany yourself, your family and friends, and lead the singing. If you are a singer on stage, you can take your performance to another level because you have full control, as you express your own style vocally, and instrumentally on the piano.

Are you ready to express your music as a singer and a piano player ?

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  1. Brianne

    This is so true. I like to sing, and I have a little background in piano. My dad is a better piano player than me, and he will play the piano for me sometimes, but sometimes its just nice to be able to play for yourself. My piano skills are really lacking lately, and I would really like to improve them.

    1. Joy

      Hi Brianne, thanks for your comments.Being able to play songs you love can be the most satisfying experience, especially when you are your own accompanist. Coming soon, I will be posting instructions, supported by videos, to help people to sing and play and to stay motivated. Best wishes

  2. Justin C.

    I really love to sing. Songs like “Every breaking wave” by U2 and “Cemetery Gates” by Pantera are just a few that i really love to sing. My girlfriend has a piano in her home, not sure what type it is, but i love to just sit down and play around with the sounds and craft a random piece of music that sounds good to me.

    Learning to play hasn’t been very easy mostly because i have no formal training. But i would really love to.

    I have this dream from time to time that i am in a piano bar playing some of my favorite music and singing at the same time.

    My girlfriend says that i have a really nice voice and its not to first time i’ve heard that (don’t mean to sound pretentious) but it’s nice to hear it at the same time.

    Where should i start?

    1. Joy

      Hi Justin, I know what it is like to love music and have this need to express it. You can learn to accompany your songs to your own liking. I have met so many people who want to learn to play while they sing. I am working on getting this website up where I would explain the principles involved and show you how to apply these principles to simple tunes that everybody knows.You will then be able to transfer the techniques to your favourite songs.With that great voice and your piano skills, your girlfriend will be blown away.So, stay tuned. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Jeannie Brickley

    Yes. I sure would like to play along with my singing. I chord along on the guitar but I would love to accompany myself on piano. I have been a gospel singer and songwriter for years; but I would love to play the piano. I don’t want to play by notes. I just want to chord along in a pretty way. Is that what you teach?


    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Jeannie. Yes, that’s what I teach. I see so many singers who wish they could accompany themselves. It is so freeing. Stay tuned for the full launch of the program. I have your contact information. Thank you for your comments.

  4. Chris

    Ok I have been playing synthesizers for over 20 years and I still do not know how to play a piano! I mostly learned over time just by listening to what I am playing, and reading about chords, but I do need to actually learn how to play. I get by playing in a studio environment, but live I am not so sure about. What are some good, basic techniques I should be focusing on?

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Chris, a true musician always wants to learn more. I grew up playing and reading classical only, but decided to do jazz lessons many years later because I liked the sound of the jazz chords and the riffs and licks. I would recommend that you do lessons where you learn the scales in all the keys: minor, major, altered, pentatonic, blues, diminished etc, and learn chords by name. The patterns that relate chords to scales will open up a new experience for you. Whether you want to learn by reading from a score or by ear and memory, enrol in a program where you also learn fingering. You will learn much faster, and accomplish more than working in your own. Music is best learned from a coach. Thank you for your comments. Enjoy your music !

  5. christian javois

    I have to confess that I let my desire to play the piano go by the wayside. I play the clarinet and sing at my church, but marvel how our pastor and a few congregants play the piano and encouraged me to give it a start.
    I’m glad for the short video because it really encouraged me to kickstart this desire into action.

    Thanks again for the poke in the side to begin again!

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Christian. I am glad that this video encourages you to do what you truly love. You won’t regret it, and the fact that you sing and play the clarinet, means that you  already understand some of the basics. Best wishes. Keep playing to enhance your worship experience. Thanks for your comments.

  6. Misael H

    I can play guitar? Ha ha. But I have never actually tried to learn how to play the piano, I do think that it would be very nice and helpful to me in my singing endeavours. I definitely have found a lot of positive reasoning for learning how to play the piano as a person who likes to sing. I’m glad I landed on the site and I’m glad that I found this article

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Misael, since you can play guitar, learning piano would be easy for you. It would be nice to be able to sing and accompany yourself on piano. Plan for it. Thanks for your comments

  7. Christina

    Great advice. Once you have singing down pat it becomes second-nature. After learning how to play the piano, I imagine it wouldn’t be too tricky to put the two together. Of course that’s just a guess… But I can definitely see the benefit in this, or in learning any instrument to accompany your singing for that matter! Piano’s a classic choice.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Christina. You are right. Learning to play piano is easier when you are already operating as a singer. The beauty of putting them together lies in the fact that you can teach yourself in rehearsal, and you have more control over your own performance. Thanks for your comments


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