So you think you can sing?

How do you know you can sing ?

It is interesting to see how people approach an audition for a singing role in a choir or for some musical project:

  • There are those who are confident that they will get the part, because they know that they can sing
  • There are those who can sing, but they are a shy kind of person and fear rejection
  • There are those who can sing. They know they are not the best, but they will try out, and are not bothered by the posssibility of rejection
  • There are those who cannot hold a melody, and they know it

So which one are you ?

Who sings anyway?

Birds sing all through the day. Babies and children love to sing and singing is used as a teaching tool.Child singing

Almost everyone sings at some time or other. People sing:

  • When they are happy
  • When they are sad
  • When they have quiet times
  • In the shower or doing some repetitive activity
  • When they are alone
  • When the radio is playing their favourite songs

When do you sing?


How do you rate your singing?

Most people have a generaly good idea of how well they can sing , because of the reactions comments of others. On many talent shows they mention their reason for entering as the nudging of others.

singerThere are people who are shocked to find out that they really cannot sing as well as they thought. Throughout my years of working with musicians and singing groups, I have met many people who love to sing and show surprise when they are told that they are not getting the pitch or the timing right. Some people work at it,while others decide to keep singing the only way they know how, and to forget about trying to perform.

How can you improve ?

Vocal coaching is the ideal route to improve resonance, tone, posture, breathing, facial muscle activity, and therefore the  quality of your singing. Everything should improve by practice and if, for some reason, you are not able to enrol in a program, you can make some improvements by learning to play the piano, so you can make a few technical improvements and bring accuracy to your singing. Working with the piano, you can expand your range,  and even learn to accompany yourself, an activity loved by many. You can also join a community singing group, a church choir or a small band. The regular practicing will certainly improve what you hear, what you are aware of, and eventually the quality of your output.choir

Do you love to sing? Do you think you can sing? Whatever your answer, why not try some new ways to improve your singing? You will definitely be a happier person for it !

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  1. P.J

    Hi, very interesting post!

    I have no ambition with my singing but I do love it throughout the day, it keeps me light-hearted 🙂

    You say it’s possible to improve by playing piano, is piano special for this exercise or could we improve with any other instrument?

    Thanks a lot!

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi PJ, the best instruments to help your singing are piano and guitar. Most other melodic instruments require you to blow, which of course would not work with singing. The piano allows a greater advantage over the guitar, because you actually see and can identify notes on a piano while the guitar is a collection of strings. The guitar, however, facilitates chord accompaniment rather than identification of melodies. Thank you for your comments. 

  2. Reyhana

    I always LOVED singing and I know I can sing, though I could use some improvement. I used to sing for the talent show in high school, I used to sing in weddings, I used to sing in gathering events. It was so much fun!

    I don’t know how to play the piano though. I am willing to learn. Do you know where I could get a decent piano for a decent price?

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Reyhana, with all that singing experience and the love of it, you should take it further. Imagine being able to sing and accompany yourself on piano or even teach yourself songs and write your songs. The type of piano depends on your taste, your performance needs and your pocket. Here is a link from my website that looks at different pianos/keyboards. There are recommendations that may apply to you, and the links take you to youtube videos where you can watch someone play, and the special features. Of course if you choose one of these, you can purchase using the link or visit amazon to look at others. Thanks for your comments. Here is the link:…        Best wishes !!!!

  3. SharonRPh

    Oh you bring JOY to my heart!  I am an accompanist of over 50 years (piano, pipe organ, keyboard) and as you can imagine my experiences have run the range (no pun intended) from qualified opera to oh-my-how-will-we-get-through-this! In my younger years, I taught children’s choirs ages 7-10 (church) and thoroughly enjoyed every moment.  Teaching children to sing properly is a fundamental I’m afraid has been lost in the public school systems and I’m so happy to see you encouraging people of all ages to improve their vocal talent!  Kudos to you for encouraging vocalists to learn enough piano to at least “pick out” their vocal parts or melodies to refine pitch matching and build confidence. Even if the vocal output is not performance worthy, I encourage everyone as do you to “make a joyful noise”.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Ahh Sharon. I know exactly what you mean. I am always working with children and adults to bring out their inner musician. People can find so much joy in singing and it is always good to learn the right way. Thank you for your kind comments. Best wishes !!!!

  4. Emmanuel Buysse

    My wife loves to sing, she could sing all day if is possible. There should not be a special event for her to do it, even in the shower she sings.

    I love how she sings, and she always says that she doesn´t know how to sing, sometimes she does it well and sometimes she doesn´t do it well, even with that she always enjoys it.The way she sings is inspirational enough in the way she does it. She is Latina and is very passionate about everything.I enjoyed this post very much.

    Thanks for making us laugh for a while.

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Emmanuel. Thank you for your comments. Your wife should join up with a community singing group or choir. Doing so would be so fulfilling, and she would be practicing and improving her skills. She has that love of singing for a reason. Why don’t you both check out an outlet for her love of it, or maybe enrol in some singing lessons. It would make your family life even more exciting !!! Best wishes.

  5. Chris

    I love to sing but sadly no body else likes to hear me! it seems that I do not have much talent for it so I am not sure if vocal coaching would be any good for me. Still, I enjoy it when I am alone. The car is probably the best place for me to indulge in a bit of a sing along. Lie you say, it makes you happier!

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Chris, the key statement is “I love to sing”. Well here is the good news : You can sign up for vocal coaching and when you learn to listen, you will sing. In addition you will learn good techniques and end up surprising all those around you. Give yourself a treat. Decide on a starting date and get going. Your skills will last a lifetime and you will be glad you did. I promise you that. Thanks for your comments.

  6. Fiona

    I play the piano, but feel that I’m actually a pretty terrible singer! When I sing along to my favourite song in the car, my son usually says “mummy, stop singing!”

    Many a time I have bought sheet music, and it’s just the accompaniment. It’s such a disappointment to me that I can’t sing the melody with it. So it looks like Vocal Coaching is definitely something that I need to explore further. 

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi Fiona, it is clear that you like to sing. I know of many people who couldn’t turn a tune and after vocal coaching they are singing solos. The fact that you like to means that you will do the work that is necessary to evolve into a good singer. Yes you can learn. So satisfy your heart, sign up for classes, and soon your son will change his tune.

  7. Todd Matthews

    I’ve always joked that if I were in a band, I’d have to be in a metal band that employs a screamer, as it’s more of my forte. I think those who love singing should just go for it, and always take appropriate lessons and coaching, especially if they’re serious about the art. Singing is in high demand and people will pay to hear talented singers. We all know this, and who knows how far they can go in the field?

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Yes Todd, you are right. People who love to sing should try for the best quality through training. Maybe you are not as bad as you think. It could be that you have never had an opportunity to do some good singing. If you di, you might surprise yourself. Best wishes !

  8. Hollie Rose

    Here’s the odd thing about me, I am very musical, I can play the piano and guitar and I can hear very clearly when people go off. However, I myself go off tune the whole time and I hear it as I am singing. I was never one to try out for choirs and the like anyway because I am rather shy. But I do sing at home a lot to my kids especially my baby. I love singing, just a shame I need to hear myself going off tune;))

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hollie, it seems like your are not listening. Take your phone and record yourself singing something simple. Practice doing this with about 4 short songs. Do it over and over until your hear an improvement. If you can play piano /guitar, it won’t be long before to hear yourself back on pitch. Best wishes

  9. D. W. Mann

    When I was in grade school I was a very good singer. I even had a few solos with the choir. I am not sure if it was puberty or just growing older but for some reason now I can not carry a tune. I also find that when I just sing out when I am alone in the car or something, I start giving myself a headache.  I wonder if I am not breathing correctly or something. It does kind of suck because I was a good singer as a child. Do you find a lot of people who seem to have this issue as well?

    1. Joy (Post author)

      Hi DW, I have never heard of this problem before, but I think that the singer that your are is still somewhere inside waiting to come back out. There are some things you can do. Sing softly along with the radio when you are on your own. You can also take your phone and record yourself singing ‘Happy Birthday’ . When you listen it might not sound so bad. A good thing you can do is join a community singing group or a church choir. It will help your confidence and gradually improve your ‘ear’ training. Best wishes.


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